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Trademark: When Is It Really Necessary!?

Within photography there are tons of photos, one captures in a lifetime. Some for enjoyment, hobby, personal skill tracking and growth or for profession. As new artists and photographers, we run into the question: when trademark?

As a food blogger and photographer, I never even thought to trademark those pieces. It wasn't until one of my recent beverages photos caught the eye of the brands social media and I was contacted in regards to them reshaping my work. Now I know, whats a re-share!? Then I thought well wait, if the company thinks my work is good enough to feature on their official instagram, whose to say they won't feature it elsewhere?

Now within my beauty business, I've dealt with several companies stealing my work to post as if I'm using their products or etc., but who thinks to trademark images of themselves. Yet imagery that you can see within a business, establishment or home, that deserves a second opinion. If you ask me, I'm starting to believe some, not all, but your greatest pieces should have some form of trademark.

Jam Jar Wines contacting me was not only the boost I needed as a newer food photographer, but the eye opener I needed to look into some of my work with more business caution. It has also made me rethink trademarking any pieces I eventually decide to put up for print sale.

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