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The Perfect Sizzle

Updated: May 26

cast iron skillets are an absolute go to of mine when in the kitchen. from flavors to the simple design and cooking process, i love them!

There is no secret to the amount of things you can cook in a cast iron skillet, no wonder they have been kitchen favorites for years and years. I love their usage on both the stove top and in the oven, as well as their weight and sturdiness.

Whether its a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert you can make it in a skillet. My favorite function of a cast iron skillet is the ability to hold so many flavors as you let food grease build up and coat it.

Personally I find it best to have a few skillets within my kitchen that range between a few sizes. Due to their design and use of holding grease, I try to use my pains separately based on the meat grease as i use specific seasonings for different kind.

Overall if you are a food photographer, lover or simply just snap for a hobby a cast iron skillet is a great investment to have in your pots and pans collection.

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