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The Beginning

Her fascination begun watching her grandmother, Joyce, constantly use her kitchen as a sanctuary for all to flock. Whether holidays or a typical day to day, the kitchen stove irons remained covered with burning pots and pans from morning to night. Not only did she cook, but she taught the importance of proper table setting and food placement.

Deandrea always made the effort to offer a helping hand and ask tons of questions to learn recipes, while her grandmother always told her the best ingredient is “love”. Joyce always joked how she thought Deandrea would become a chef of sorts, yet she took a different path while never losing her love for a great meal and eye for a nicely styled plate.

So why a strong focus on food and nature photography? Well its pretty simple, while Deandrea grandmother’s craft may have been food, her grandfather love was cameras and his garden. Thomas would record every aspect of life, from church ceremonies, family reunions, holiday gatherings, vacations and more. Within their Brooklyn brownstone was a decorated picture room filled with photo album on top of photo album, full of his shots over the years. Thomas love for photography showed in his mixed media: black and white film, color polaroid's and digital photos.

Outside of his photography habits, Thomas loved his gardening; roots never lost from his southern upbringing. Even with a majority concrete backyard, he managed to grow fresh greens, fruits and even house a peach tree. His love for fresh nature, never left him even raising his generations after him in the "concrete jungle".

Deandrea would always ask questions about each of his cameras or video recorders and watch him in amazement whenever he pulled one out. At the age of 20 she brought her first Canon Rebel to shoot beauty videos and makeup looks for her wigs and beauty business M.A.D.E by Grim. Once majoring in photography at Troy University, she begun to learn proper lighting techniques, uses of her camera, studio set up and digital photo retouching to create better marketing and advertising visuals for her branded business. From there one love blossomed into a another hobby.

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