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Food Photography: Hobby to Creative Outlet

One of the greatest gifts we get in life are our secret talents and ability to turn nothing into something. I started off my food journey as an outlet for stress relief and zen within my home. Once having a good photography assignment in my advance photo class, it clicked! I loved to cook and wanting to find more ways to encourage my time spent in the kitchen and my creative niche was dying out due to overwhelming thoughts of career after graduation.

Food photography allows me to get creativity within the comfort of my own home and kitchen, while also pushing my boundaries in trying to create new meals and recipes that are not only pleasing to look at, but appetizing in taste. Its the greatest creative outlet I could of found in photography, especially once the Covid pandemic hit and in person shoots were put to the side.

This journey in photography has even appowed me to better utilize not only my camera, b my iPhone for product photos. It’s amazing the things you can learn while still being comfortable in your home. During these times I encourage everyone to take the time to find what you love as a hobby and turn it into your own creative outlet. Feel free to share how it goes!

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