Here at Deandrea Nesbitt Photography we offer select styles photo packages to clients. Choose from our portrait package, designed for families, couples and others looking to have a great memory or milestone captured in a still shot. For professionals, we offer a series of different styled headshots, ranging from standard studio to creative styled digital options. Photos needed for businesses, website designs, advertisement and marketing needs are available as well.


Along with our photography services, Deandrea Nesbitt Photography offers a series of well written professional document services. Whether in need of a complete business packet, a uniformed and personalized resume or cover letter, we can help bring your own unique logo or style into each document. DN Photography also offers contract forms, highly suggested for those who provide services within their businesses. We also cater in the creation of interactive digital documents, perfect for creatives and those looking for careers in the art and design fields.


Deandrea Nesbitt Photography specializes in photo retouch services, whether we take the photo or don't. With our many photo softwares and equipment, we are able to retouch digital, as well as black and white film photos. Never lose those old family photos due to fading and sun exposure over time. We are help to help preserve every special memory your photo has to offer.


We provide key insights and tools to clients on how to successfully brand yourself or a new business in today's social media and online marketing forms. This service is not only offered to new entrepreneur's, but to experienced ones's as well, looking for help in social rebranding. In today's day and age social media and online marketing are paving the way for so many small businesses and growing brands that it is extremely important to learn how to understand algorithms, networking and marketing tools that will best suit your business. 


We offer custom website creations, template designing and inputting, along with monthly management services fo website bug fixes, blog and/or online shop operations management and inventory  / sales tracking. If you want to keep loads of content on your website, we also manage video uploads and scheduling. Have the ease of knowing your website is fully operational and following your schedule guidelines, all while being ran and operated behind the scenes by someone knowledgeable of dedicated to your success.



Please use the contact section to begin the scheduling process for your Consultation with Deandrea Nesbitt Photography. We look forward to discussing more of your needs and further project details.