My name is Deandrea Nesbitt (like duh! lol). Hows that for the obvious?


Im a 2020 graduate of Troy University Arts program, where I majored in Photography & Business; allowing me to now specialize in product/brand photography, digital editing and portfolio management/forums. 


Though born in Brooklyn, NY and resided in Southside Jamaica Queens all her life, after having my son Jax in 2015 we uprooted and been slowly enjoying southern country living in Alabama. I've always had a strong love for beauty and art photography from a young age, which formed the foundation of her career.


My original creative expression is seen through my wigs and beauty business: M.A.D.E by Grim LLC, where I display bright tones and fun in colors. Photography came hand in hand when one of my professors, Beverly Leach, advised me to look into the photography art major; as it would serve as a good tool on bettering an already existing talent. By far the best leap I could of ever taken and I honestly would of never thought of it without her.  

Through my business I offer many services to clients including: professional document designing, website building and management services, branding/social marketing tools and photo retouching, as well as my photography booking. Also offering packages to small and large local or commercial 

businesses/chains. For product companies in need of advertising and marketing media please contact me.